At the Library 11/16/23


At the Library by Tammy Valentine     


One of the best features of our library, which most libraries do not have, is an art gallery, the Helen Wilson Gallery. The gallery is named for Helen Wilson, a Washington native who grew up with the Conger House being her home.  She was a member of several clubs but was also a library trustee for 53 years. A small part of her collection of bookplates hangs in the gallery, along with her portrait.  She passed away in 1981 but her presence is felt everyday as we stroll the gallery enjoying the artwork of local artists.

This month one of the featured artists is Matt Kaye, a Northern California native who now resides in Washington. The work he is displaying is pen and ink with some watercolor. As we chatted about his work I enjoyed hearing his story of one piece in particular.  The piece, Young Master Frankenstein, is based on a photograph of Matt’s son carving a pumpkin. If you look closely you will see that Matt included a German word in the picture, Gift, which means poison. Matt’s work has also featured at Art Domestique. 

We also have Corinne Stanley, an Iowa City resident, displaying in the gallery. Corinne is a teacher, artist, poet and author. Corinne is well known to the library as she was a featured author last year in the library’s Washington Author Fest 2022. Her inspiration for her writing and her art comes from living in Mexico and traveling in Latin America. The work she is displaying is unique, traditional Mexican collages using mirrors.

Our artists will be displaying their work all month so don’t miss an opportunity to come to the library and enjoy!