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PLEASE NOTE:  The MakeIT Place will be open in June and July for Open Houses and classes focusing on specific equipment areas. To see a calendar of MakeIT Place events, click HERE

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The MakeIT Place has a Prusa i3 MK4 3D printer, an AnyCubic Vyper 3D printer and an Elegoo Pro resin printer for public use.  Users can download model files from popular 3D communities such as Thingiverse and Yaggi or can create models from scratch with free programs like Tinkercad and SketchUp.  There will be a cost per gram of PLA plastic for the filament printers and a charge for resin for the Elegoo resin printer. 


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The MakeIT Place offers a Glowforge laser cutter/engraver.  The Glowforge is a machine that cuts, scores and engraves materials such as wood, leather and acrylic using a laser.  Users may bring their own materials for use with the Glowforge (Proofgrade materials are encouraged).  Materials brought in must be compatible with a CO2 laser (check websites and/or call the company/manufacturer).  A limited supply of materials will be available for purchase at the library.


Learn More about the Glowforge Laser Cutter/Engraver



Crafting equipment in the MakeIT Place includes a Cricut Maker 3, a Cricut Mug Press, a Cricut EasyPress 3, button makers of various sizes, hot glue guns and a large format laminator.  Users may bring their own material to use with the Cricut and button making equipment or purchase materials from the library.  Laminating film must be purchased from the library.



Learn More about the Cricut and crafting machines

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The MakeIT Place offers a Babylock Allegro sewing/quilting machine with an extension table, 6 Eversewn Charlotte 80-stitch computerized sewing machines and a Singer Serging machine.  Users should bring their own fabric but must use thread from the Library's stock or receive approval for the thread they bring.  The Library accepts donations of woven fabric, preferably yardage but pieces at least one square foot, for use by patrons or for programs/classes. 


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The Memory Lab is a collection of equipment that can be used for converting different kinds of recordings (video and audio), pictures and documents to digital files that can be stored on a USB drive or SD card.  Equipment includes an Epson Expression 13000XL flatbed scanner, a Ricoh ScanSnap SV600 overhead scanner, as well as various peripherals and software programs for digitizing video from DVD, VHS and 8mm film formats and sound from cassette tapes and CDs.  Materials that are copyrighted may not be duplicated.  Reservations will be required to use the Memory Lab.


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The MakeIT Place Pottery Studio includes 3 Brent B potter's wheels and a L&L E23S-3 Easy-Fire Kiln, as well as space for handbuilding.  Pottery Studio users must purchase clay and glazes from the Library.


Learn More about the Pottery Studio



The MakeIT Place offers a variety of STEAM activities, supplies and equipment for youth from preschool through high school.  Activities planned include building with LEGOs, coding programs, robotics and arts and crafts.  Equipment includes iPads, 3D pens, LEGO Spike robotics sets, Makedo cardboard construction kits, a LEGO wall, Snap Circuits, Perler beads and general crafting materials. 


Learn More about Kids' STEAM Activities



The MakeIT Place Recording Studio is powered by a Mac Studio computer and offers a variety of peripherals and software for activities such as podcasting, video creation and editing, music recording and editing, etc.  A green screen wall is installed in the studio.


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The MakeIT Place offers 4 MacBook Pros equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud for graphic design, video editing, web development or photography.  For printing posters, a large-format printer/plotter is available, as well as a large-format laminator. 


Learn More about Graphic Design

Thank you.jpgThe MakeIT Place is a project supported by the Washington Free Public Library Foundation.  The WFPL Foundation and the Library thank the following major donors for their generous support of this project:

        Geri Weeks

        Keith L. Cook

        The Washington County Riverboat Foundation

        Maurice Farrier

        The Alliant Energy Foundation

We welcome continued financial support as well as volunteer hours to improve and expand services offered in the MakeIT Place.