Library Card

1. Borrowing privileges are obtained through registration and receipt of a valid library card from the Washington Public Library.

2. Resident Card:
Full borrowing privileges (all items in the Library’s physical collection, as well as e-resources, technology equipment and interlibrary loan) are available to persons of all ages residing in the following geographical service area: a. City of Washington b. Rural Washington County c. Contracting cities (designation as a contracting city may be subject to change as a result of a city government’s choice to maintain and fund a contract with WPL)

3. Applicant for a Resident Card must present photo ID with current address corresponding to one of the geographical areas listed above. If the photo ID does not include the applicant’s current address a utility bill or other piece of delivered mail with the applicant’s name and current address must be provided. Non-residents who own real estate in one of the areas listed above who wish to obtain a card must present a current property tax receipt and a current photo ID.

4. Open Access Card: Limited borrowing privileges are available to all Iowa residents residing in communities that participate in the State’s Open Access Program. Borrowing is limited to items in the Library’s physical collection, designated technology equipment and inter-library loan; Open Access borrowers are required to use Bridges consortium e-resources through their home libraries. Photo ID and address verification practices apply as outlined in #3.

5. Temporary Card: Temporary cards are available to persons residing temporarily in the WPL service area (i.e. Washington County and contracting cities). Temporary card-holders are limited to checking out two (2) items at a time and Bridges eresources access is allowed. The user’s permanent address must be verified through photo ID and the temporary address verified in an acceptable manner. Library card applicants residing temporarily at an established shelter location must present a letter from the shelter.

6. For full borrowing privileges, a minor under the age of 18 must have a parent present to register for a library card. If the parent currently has a valid library card additional proof of address is not required. As outlined in Iowa Code 613.16, parents are legally responsible for items checked out by their minor child.

7. Youth Card: Youth residing in the WPL service area may register for a library card with limited borrowing privileges without a parent present. While there is not an age limit for eligibility for this card, youth must be able to provide their birthday, address and must provide information that verifies their address. Fines will not accrue for these cards and parents will not be held responsible for items borrowed. Borrowing is limited to two (2) items at a time and use of the Bridge e-consortium is allowed. A USE OF THE COLLECTION POLICY December 29, 2022 3 photo ID with proof of address (as outlined in #3 above) is required. Youth cardholders must pay for any lost or damaged material to continue using the card.