At the Library 11-9/23

At the Library

by Jenisa Harris


Lights…. Camera…. Action! Tomorrow Alison and I are headed to Ames, IA to attend the Performer’s Showcase. Performer’s Showcase gives performers from all over Iowa 15 minutes to showcase their summer reading act. I know, it’s crazy to think we are working on Summer Reading in November! Summer Reading is something we work on all year long. We will see jugglers, magicians, musicians, mad scientists, reptiles, and more! I always say, “If you can entertain a group of librarians you can entertain anyone!” After the showcase is over you get the chance to talk with the performers you are interested in booking for your upcoming Summer Reading. It’s a great opportunity for libraries that are located near each other to book a performer together. They will discount their price and it gives the performer more than one show! I book a large majority of our Summer Reading performers at Performers showcase! I am so thankful for the Showcase. We used to have to book performers sight unseen. You never knew if the performer gave a quality show or worked well with children. Alison and I can’t wait to find the next great performers for you to enjoy this summer!