At the Library 9/28/23


By Tammy Valentine

As a librarian looking for good ideas I get very excited when I find something that I think will work, then I try it, and discover it does work!

This month, I tried a different type of book club for nonfiction and it’s called the Bite-Size Business Book Club and it meets at noon. The structure is as simple as meeting two Mondays per month during the lunch hour and discussing only two chapters.

This allows us to really dig into the material, have a better understanding, followed by a deeper discussion. This works very well with the book we are currently reading, Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg. As a side note, he also wrote The Power of Habit.

This book club is focused on business in the general sense. I love anything to do with increasing productivity, improving leadership skills, and creating better teams. This book checks all the boxes.

So far, we have met once so anyone can still jump in and start on the next chapters for the next discussions. We will finish this book discussion on November 13th and talk about how each of us used the material in our work lives and personal lives, if applicable. If you’d like to join this group, just come into the library to sign up and pick up a book!