At the Library 02/29/24

At the Library  

By LeAnn Kunz


We are building a community of writers in Washington, Iowa. Do you want to be a part of it? The Washington Writers’ Workshop is thriving at the library. Because of the dedication of our regular attendees and our partnership with the University of Iowa Arts Share, we are able to offer monthly sessions of learning the craft of writing and sharing our writing. As this program continues to grow and evolve, we have been fortunate to have writers and educators requesting to visit our group. This March our visiting writer is Virginia Kovach, one of those who requested to come back to the Washington Writers’ Workshop! A few years ago I was lucky to enough to be a fellow student with Ginnia while she was finishing her masters degree in a creative writing course with Debra Marquart at Iowa State University. I really enjoyed the honesty and beauty in her work and she has grown into her role as a teacher in the English department at Iowa State. She is a writer and artist, working primarily in non-fiction, poetry, and mixed media and received her MFA in Creative Writing and the Environment. Her work explores the dimensions of beauty — where it comes from, the need for it, and the ethics surrounding it. Her work has been published in Auroras and Blossoms and The Orange Blossom Review. She lives in Ames, Iowa, with her husband Scott.

Adults and teens are invited to join us for the Washington Writers’ Workshop on Saturday, March 9 from 10 am to noon. Ginnia will be giving a presentation on craft during the first hour and we workshop writer submissions during the second hour. You are welcome to just attend the first hour to hear the presentation. Come be a part of our welcoming and supportive community of writers!