At the Library 9/16/21

At the Library

Thoughts of a Page

by Jaicey Miller

As a senior in high school and a new Page working in the library, I’ve been amazed at what the library can offer. In addition to finding favorite books, series, and/or authors, patrons also have access to computers, printers, and a fax machine. Quiet study rooms are available for those needing to cut out distractions, and a friendly floor space is dedicated to future readers that are still in the crawling and crying stage.

I have also been met with many different learning experiences working as a Page. A few of those include learning the mechanics of operating an oven-sized printer, and to my surprise, a fax machine. To learn that fax machines are still used in a world with email and instant text messaging was a shock to absorb. Five minutes waiting for a single page of a fax to send may seem like an eternity for a teenager like myself but is business as usual for the patron faxing their documents.

My favorite aspect of this new job is calling a patron with the exciting news that their much-anticipated selection on the waitlist is in and ready for pickup. Of course, the good news is always a delight to deliver. 

As the fall and winter months approach, I anticipate the library getting busier. I expect my job to continue to be fulfilling, considering I am not only a Page, but also a lover of books.