At the Library 9/15/22

At the Library

By Rita Du

With the start of the new school year comes an opportunity to join a library advisory board designated for teens and tweens alike. The Teen Advisory Board, TAB for short, is a group run by library staff member Jenisa Harris that helps plan out future activities for the library, suggests new books & movies, and participates in fun and engaging events! Silver cord hours are available for high school students, and snacks (usually) too! Open to all 6th-12th graders interested. Stop in and ask for an application today! Our first meeting is Monday, September 26 at 4:00. Don’t be square!

Another thing I suggest looking at in the library is our Young Adult Fiction (YAF) section. Don’t be wary of it, older folks, I guarantee you can still find intriguing topics over there! The YAF section is in the cozy left corner on the first floor of the library. Although exclusively a spot for tweens and/or teens, the books offered in the YAF segment of the library can be a hit for all reading demographics! I often find myself getting lost in the shelves of the young adult section in search of a good book (or four!). For a relatively small portion of our library it’s quite diverse in choice. Did you know the TAB can suggest books for this quaint corner? Even if you aren’t really interested in TAB, you should try wandering over to our growing, captivating YAF bookshelves occasionally.

Do you remember your first visit to the Washington Public Library? Were you a little kid attending one of Jo’s or Jenisa’s programs? Or maybe an adult who wanted to use one of the many services offered here. Whichever case it may be, the library offers events, activities, and services for all. I remember one of my first times at the library. I was a short bookworm of a kid (I still am to some extent now). It was a nice and warm summer day, one which was perfect to read a good book in. My mother drove me to the library and I came back with two large bags, filled to the brim with books. It was the beginning of summer, and I had a long summer ahead of me to read all the books I wanted to. At some point my mom had to enforce a strict bedtime to stop me from reading all throughout the night. Unfortunately for her, I snuck a small flashlight into bed. This was the beginning of my long story with the library. Now I work as a page at the library. You don’t have to be this invested in books to come to the library! We provide areas for you to just relax or perhaps study instead. There’s no doubt that you’ll be surrounded by books once you enter the library (who would’ve guessed?), but there’s so much more to this place beyond the page. It’s a comfort to simply come here to hang out with friends or check out one of our many monthly events. I shared a portion of my journey at the library, so what’s yours?