At the Library 8/24823

At the Library 
by Amelia Dahl

Hello Readers! It has been a great deal of time since I last wrote an At the Library segment. I anticipate everyone is having a great summer and enjoying all the warm weather. I hope all of you have had the chance to visit the wonderful farmers market on Thursday nights, the county fair, and of course, my personal favorite, us here at the Washington Public Library.

This summer has been full of Summer Reading for us employees at the library, and we love to see it! I have shelved cart after cart of children's books, and handed out many prizes, which is something I genuinely love to do. Speaking of which, Summer Reading is a great example of purpose driven goal setting for children. I hope everyone has made progress on their own personal goals for this year, which I wrote about last time.

The fun doesn’t just stop with Summer Reading. As the leaves turn orange and the weather chilly, we start back up some of our school year activities for younger readers. We have our early out Friday program - Friyay Funday. We resume our Pokemon trading card club as well. Our Teen Advisory Board has its first meeting in September. The Teen Advisory Board is a place for teenagers to share ideas on how to improve the library! You can even earn silver cord hours for attending. Also taking place this fall is our Authorfest. A well attended event last year, the Authorfest is a place to hear authors- big and small- read and tell you about their books. You also will have a chance to meet these authors and get your favorite books signed. It is truly a great event. Another favorite event of mine we have here at the library is our classic cinema screenings. A great place to bring a snack and blanket to enjoy along with your favorite classic movies. Even if you aren't up for attending an event, the library has many books that you can read this fall.
Cozying up with a nice book and a pumpkin spice latte from a coffee shop sounds just wonderful, doesn’t it? Regardless of how you chose to spend your time, I hope everyone's fall is filled with football games, nice weather, caramel apples, full bellies, books and whatever other fall activities you may enjoy. Hope to see you At the Library.