At the Library 6/9/22

At the Library
By Meredith Madison

Lessons Learned That Will Never be Forgotten 

Thinking about the fact that I will be leaving our library in a couple of months to pursue a  college career, I have been able to reflect back on all of the lessons I’ve learned while working  here. I was first hired in the summer of 2019, which led me to many new experiences and  changes. When most people think about working, they may picture a place that is dull,  uneventful, and downright uninspiring. I can honestly say, the library is anything but all of these  things. Throughout working here, I have learned three important lessons that I will carry with me  throughout my life, always.

The first thing that I learned while working here was that mistakes are a gateway to  learning. When I first started working here, I cannot tell you how many mistakes I made in the  process! At times, it was downright embarrassing. I soon began to learn though, that mistakes are  not to be an embarrassing disturbance, but an extraordinary guide to learning. Ever since I  learned this small but valuable lesson at the library, I have been able to apply it to my own daily  life. Ever since, I’ve never stopped using my mistakes to make me a better person. Whether that  be in the workplace, at school, or even in times when you least expect it, mistakes help to further  build your character. Mistakes should be used as our guide to carry us to a lifetime of possibility.

The second thing that I learned is that a job is more than a place to earn money. The  library is filled with people who feel like family and who care about you immensely. I have had  so many lovely and productive conversations with my coworkers, boss, and adult staff while working here, that have truly helped me to grow exponentially. In addition to this, I’ve also had significant conversations with the patrons while working here. You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, sometimes a simple conversation is what makes someone’s whole entire day brighter. Don’t be afraid to say something, you never know the impact a simple conversation could hold to someone else who needs it. This is certainly a lesson I will not soon forget.

The last, but certainly not least lesson I have learned is that knowledge is found in books, but more importantly, knowledge is found in the experiences you have and the vast amount of people you meet along the way. Throughout my job here, I have been blessed with meeting the most genuine and down to earth people. The experiences here have shaped me and most definitely made me who I am today. For that, I will forever be grateful.  

So you see, a library is simply not just a holding place for books and other items. Within a library, you can find many things that will change how you view your life. Always be on the search for perspectives, kind smiles, and learning experiences. You might just find out that these simple things are found in the places you least expect, and that they hold a much more important weight than you could ever know.