At the Library 6/24/21

At the Library
by Jolisa Weidner

Summer kicked off at the library on June 7th. Our summer reading program looks similar to the one that was started 66 years ago. We have a theme, read books, and track minutes the kids read.  Over the years, we have added activities to our weekly program, and bring in entertainment, but the goal has always been to get kids into the library and keep them reading during the summer. 

We have always met inside the library since the program began, but this summer we’ve moved to Central Park. Executing our plans has been a bit of a challenge, and we make a few trips back and forth to the library, but the park offers a beautiful space to meet with the kids. We are enjoying the cool breeze, and the sounds of the fountain as we read our stories. It has been a pleasant change thanks to COVID.  

We are grateful we can use the park to continue summer reading club face to face this year. We appreciate the volunteers who help keep our programs running smoothly. It has been a great start, and we know we will finish strong to have another successful summer added to the books.