At the Library 6/17/21

by Hunter Rarick


Those of you who have recently hopped onto the library’s website may have noticed that it has been revamped! After a couple of months of mistakes, experimentation, and learning, our very own LeAnn has been a busy bee building the new and improved webpage! 


The new webpage boasts a clear and simplistic layout, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. If you’re ever wondering what events the library is holding, the website is the perfect place to check. An easily legible Google calendar featuring our events can be found right smack on the home page! Alongside the events calendar are other useful resources, such as Bridges (Iowa’s eLibrary), the Southeast Iowa Digital Archive, and PrinterOn!


PrinterOn allows remote printing to be accessible from the library. Sometimes using your own computer is much less of a hassle than trying to access your documents from our public PC’s. To print something from your own computer, hop onto our website, click the PrinterOn icon on the homepage, and follow the steps from there. Once your documents have been sent, just give us a call and we will print your documents to have them ready for pickup! As always, printing costs ten cents for black & white and one dollar for color -- both per page.


If you ever find yourself with a question about the availability of a book, our catalog is accessible from our website (just click on the row of books). If it’s a general question about the library, you can find helpful information under the “Services” tab. Of course, you could always shoot us a quick call, too; whichever you feel more comfortable with doing!


Be sure to share your thoughts on the new webpage, we appreciate them!