At the Library 5/19/22


At the Library 
by Cary Ann Siegfried

Reading Goals

School will be out soon and children and teens are stopping by the library to sign up for Summer Reading Club and getting excited about setting their goals for reading this summer.  But what about adults?  Could summer also be a great time for us to set some goals for reading? 

In January of every year I set a goal using the GoodReads app on my phone for the number of books I hope to read during the next 12 months.  A couple years ago I made it to 100 books in one year, but it’s all been downhill since then, and I do wonder: does the number of books I read really make me a “better” reader and do I enjoy reading more because of meeting a goal like that?  The answer is probably “not really” and so I wonder what other goals I might set for myself as an adult reader. 

I do find that some of the books I’ve enjoyed the most have been ones I wouldn’t have read if they hadn’t have been on a recommended reading list I’d found on social media or in the news. They were books that were a bit out of my reading comfort zone and I challenged myself to take them on and was glad that I did.  

So my goal for the summer is to read in some different genres and subject areas that I don’t usually venture into.  Here’s my list for the summer:  a graphic novel, a novel set in Australia or New Zealand, a young adult fantasy novel, a science fiction novel, a biography from the Reconstruction era, and a nonfiction book dealing with science or nature.  Wish me luck!

One of the great ways to “read outside your comfort zone” is to use the Library’s Novelist Plus online service recommended reading lists. To find this service, visit our website (, click on Online Resources and then scroll down and find Novelist Plus.  On entering the site you’ll immediately be presented with some recommended reading lists in many different genre’s and for all age groups.  Click on one and you can drill down even further.  And even if you want to stay within your preferred genre and subject area, you’ll probably find some new choices that you weren’t aware of!

Set some goals and enjoy reading this summer!