At the Library 4/6/23

At the Library
by LeAnn Kunz

Have you started making plans for that flower or vegetable garden, digging around in your seed collection? Did you find a packet of carrots and you just don’t want to plant carrots this year? You are dreaming of lettuce, lots of lettuce! The Washington Public Library can help you with that! About 9 years ago we created a seed exchange library. The seed exchange is intended to be a place where community members can get garden seeds for free, but with the idea of donating seeds to the collection, as well. We have been able to maintain a small amount of seeds every season, but we are always looking for more. That means we need donations! We will take edible and ornamental seeds, ones that have been harvested from your garden or purchased from the store. You can bring individual packets or large amounts that need to be repackaged. At this time, we definitely need more seeds for both edible and ornamental plants. However, we have lots of beans and amaranth to share. The WPL would love to be responsible for getting you to try gardening, grow some of your own food and flower gardens, and also to try seed saving at the end of the season. Plant, grow, & return