At the Library 4/21/22

At the Library
by Ileia Kraft

Most people may already be aware of the many benefits of reading aloud to your children, such as promoting creativity, helping with listening skills and improving attention spans. In addition, reading aloud also supports building a special bond between parent and child, teaches communication skills, and aids in expanding vocabulary. But did you know that you can jump start this process by reading to your children while they are still in the womb? Though your baby may be tiny and still developing, science has shown that reading to your child during your pregnancy promotes brain activity and can assist in literacy skills and language development. Not only are they able to start building a foundation for education early on, but they are also bonding with you through beginning to recognize your voice. Even after birth, babies can recognize music, certain words, or your voice that they heard while in the womb. Being pregnant myself, I have already started reading to my baby while she develops and she tends to respond to my story telling by jumping, kicking, and twirling around in my tummy! Not only is it fun for your baby to listen and learn from you, but it’s also fun and fascinating for you to be able to feel your baby respond to your voice and the stories you are conveying. It also makes good practice for when your bundle of joy finally does arrive! It’s never too early to start reading to your child; even as early as in the womb.