At the Library 4/14/22

At the Library
by Meredith Madison
Libraries: An Endless Expanse of Possibility 

            From the very first libraries of ancient times, to the ever-evolving libraries of the 21st century, libraries have been treasured throughout centuries in the midst of vastly different lifestyles of the people who vacate them. Many people believe that libraries are boring, a thing of the past, and downright unnecessary. After all, can’t you just buy any book off of Amazon for your own personal enjoyment, instead of having to keep track of the never-ending fines from a library? What most people don’t realize is that a library is so much more than just a large two-story building with lengthy shelves filled with books. Libraries have shaped our local communities, helped educate students and adults, and have continued to be a place where learning is never ending. 

            One of the things that makes libraries so uniquely different from other places, is the great resources available. Libraries are not just filled with books, they are filled with vast amounts of resources as well! Whether you’re a student looking for information on family history, or you’re simply wondering who your ancestors were, there are genealogy rooms filled with information on family history. Genealogy is such an interesting thing to discover, and it’s all available at your local library, here in Washington! 

            Another thing that makes libraries exceptionally important, is the help that you will receive once you enter the building. Library staff are quite honestly the most down to earth people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Each and every librarian is more than willing to help answer your questions, help you find an item, or simply have a chat with you. Everyone who works at a library wants to be there to help you, the patron. How increasingly vital and special is that? 

            An additional thing that libraries offer, are many different programs! There are so many programs happening recently at our library. These programs are aimed at not only adults, but for children as well. The programs offered are here to enrich, enlighten, and extend an educated hand towards those who are interested. Not to mention, these programs are truly enjoyable and fun to attend! You can view our upcoming programs on our website and Facebook page. 

            The next time you enter your local library, maybe you’ll look at things a little bit differently. Instead of seeing the large building as a place where simple books are shelved and newspapers are read, take a second look. There is immense joy to be found, people who are kind, caring, and genuinely there to help you with anything you may need. Libraries are not just a thing of the past. Libraries are helping to pave the way to a brighter future ahead. The future with libraries present, is filled with all sorts of wonderful and creative adventures. When you walk in those two doors, think of all the possibilities that lay before you, for they are truly endless in expanse.