At the Library 4/13/23

At the Library
by Mia Schrock

Did you know, there are only 49 days left until summer break, at least when I am writing this. 14 of those days are weekends, and 2 of the days we don’t have school. That means there are 33 days left of being in school. And while that seems like a long time, it really isn’t. 

I have always thought that it was funny that I want to be a teacher, yet I don’t like going to school. I think that I just don’t enjoy most parts of high school. Of course I did like my US History and English classes, and a few of my other classes I’ve had this year. I have just found that I would rather be at the library, reading a book, or doing something outside.

I really enjoy being outside in the summer rather than being stuck inside a school for 8 hours a day. I would think I would feel the same way about working inside a library, but I don’t. Maybe that’s because the library is a much, much more enjoyable place than a school. 

One thing I do like about the school year is helping Jenisa with her FriYAY Funday after-school program. I love that it is different every week, sometimes watching a movie, having a tinker lab, or just playing with legos. When I was younger, I would always beg my dad to let my brother and I walk to the library on early outs to watch a movie. 

That was back when we had early outs on Wednesdays and we laid on the floor if we all didn’t fit on the little mat Jenisa had laid out for us. Now she has some really nice chairs for kids to sit in. It felt like paradise to get to sit in some fancy chairs instead of laying on the ground.

There are only a few weeks left of FriYAY Funday so make sure to come in soon to see us. You can also check out all of our events on our website, in the event calendar. Or if you're not very techy, then come into the Library and find one of our event flyers that have all of our events for the current month.