At the Library 12/9/21

At the Library

By: Jenna Messer

You only have to take a look at our catalog to see that the Washington Public Library holds a massive inventory of books, audiobooks, movies, and more. But even though our collection of materials is extensive, you might find that there is a book that we do not have. Perhaps you have read all the books we carry from your favorite author? Or someone recommends an audiobook that isn’t in our current inventory? Are you simply out of luck?

That is where our interlibrary loan (ILL) service comes in handy. ILL is a sharing program we have here at the Washington Public Library that allows us to borrow items from other libraries on your behalf. Through this collaborative service, we are able to provide you with countless titles.

While requesting a book through ILL may sound daunting, it is a super simple process that we would love to see more patrons taking advantage of. First, we ask that you come by the circulation desk at the library and ask for a Materials Request Form. This form asks for basic information regarding the media you are seeking (title, author’s name, etc.) and your contact information so we can let you know when the material arrives. It’s really as easy as that. Another surprising bonus: this service is free 99% of the time. Occasionally we will have a book coming from a library far away and will ask that you cover shipping costs, but even then the cost is only a couple of dollars. 

If you are a frequent flier at the Washington Public Library who feels like they have read “everything” within our walls, I highly suggest utilizing this service. Conversely, if you have not checked out anything in a while but are wanting a specific title that is not available, let us help you acquire it. With the interlibrary loan program that Washington Public Library participates in, our service and material availability reaches way beyond our brick walls on the south side of the square.