At the Library 12/16/21

At the Library
by Ileia Kraft

Amidst the busy holiday season, Iowa is celebrating its 175th birthday. On December 28th, 1846, Iowa officially became a state in the United States of America. To help celebrate this milestone, the Washington Public Library is hosting a multimedia presentation where Dan Henderson will introduce interesting stories and facts about Iowa becoming a state that you might not know about yet. It will be on the 2nd level of the library and will begin at 2pm on December 28th. No registration is required, and this event is open for all ages to enjoy. If you are unable to attend this presentation, the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs have set up a display on the main floor of the library with information on Iowa’s first peoples, how the civil war affected Iowa and its growth, and many other neat stories and information on Iowa. Boxcar Treasures has also put up a display showing some fun historical items from Iowa in our glass showcase by the front door, so come visit the library and learn some new things about Iowa and its amazing beginning!