At the Library 11/4/21

“At the Library”

By Tammy Valentine

November is just around the corner and I am excited for a new program that a friend told me about called a “Silent Reading Party”. I thought this was brilliant! How many times do we want to read but are always getting interrupted by our many responsibilities? Or people that can’t do anything without us? Or maybe a person just wants some company, quiet company, and still wants to read. So our solution is to come to the library November 2nd or 16th, relax in the Washington State Bank room and read away.

November 12th brings you a very interesting program, via Zoom, called “Every Color Has a Story: A History on the Palette” presented by Laura F. Keyes.  You might remember Laura from a successful program earlier this year about the lighthouses of the Outer Banks. Painters, seamstresses, knitters and art teachers alike will find this a very interesting program for sure.

The “Book Ladies…and Gents” book club discussion is titled “New Nonfiction November”. We are reading any nonfiction book that is on the new shelves, whether it be regular print or large print. Several people have chosen their books already and a couple have even checked out 2 books, as they couldn’t decide! I still say nonfiction should be called something else, like “the world at large”! Join us November 18th at 5:30pm, even if you don’t finish your book because the discussion is the best part.