At the Library 10/27/22

At the Library by Amelia Dahl

I have been At the Library for nearly four months now. To be honest, I have been at the library as a patron for sixteen years now. Seeing the display announcing the thirteen year anniversary of the new building really took me back. I remember being a small child walking into the old library on East Main. Everyone who has been there can recall the smell of the building. I learned to read with books from that library. Later, my youthful summers were filled with summer reading, riding my bike to the library to drop off a book and pick up a new one. The Public Library has helped nurture my love for reading. Since I have started working here I have learned to appreciate the library even more than I previously did. The library truly has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in attending programs, checking out books or movies, or even sending a fax- the library is here for you. You could take interest in our collection of books, which includes a Large Print section and libros en Español. You could stumble across an interesting romance book in the young adult section like my sister Iris has. Or you could possibly take a liking to David Baldacci, a novelist my grandfather has grown fond of. Like me, you could read a book from our library online, using Bridges. One might discover a new recipe in our magazines. You could find a film you enjoy using Kanopy, a new video streaming service our library has. It might be fun to learn a new language using Mango Languages, a service our library has to offer. You can dive into a program that piques your interest or try something new. Whoever you are, the library has something for you to enjoy.