At the Library 10/21/21

At The Library

By: Jenna Messer

When you hear the word ‘library,’ you may instantly think of books. While we offer a large assortment of traditional books at the Washington Free Public Library, that is just a small part of the items that are offered here.

Did you know that DVDs are also available to check-out at the library? Our inventory of movies, TV series, short films, and documentaries is extensive; there is truly something for everyone. With the weather getting colder, now is the perfect time to find some indoor entertainment by browsing through our movies. Or, maybe you would rather project movies outdoors surrounded by friends and a bonfire.

Another thing to think about is the upcoming holiday season. We have a wide selection of family-appropriate DVDs that you will want to check out -- everything from The Muppet Christmas Carol to The Grinch. Family movie nights and snow days are the perfect chance for a family to gather, snuggle and regroup. 

The best part of all is that the price is right. We are the Washington Free Public Library. Yes, that’s right. Free. All you need is a library card. The timeframe for DVD checkouts is two weeks so there is plenty of time to watch and rewatch the movies you select!

If you are an avid reader, it is sometimes fun to watch a movie after you have read the book it is based on. Let’s face it -- sometimes the films are spot on and sometimes they barely resemble the literature it is supposed to illustrate. Characters may or may not look like the people you read about and created in your mind. Regardless, it can be an interesting study of how a story comes to life: written word vs visualization.

Next time you are in town, come on in and explore our selection of movies. If you are a planner, our catalog of titles can be searched on our website. Come have some fun with some free films this fall.