At the Library

At the Library
By Ruby Brown

       Hi my name is Ruby! I was hired as a library page in June. I love it! The people are awesome and we always have something going on at the library. In fact, I started my first program for teens. Every third Tuesday of every month at four o'clock we watch a teen movie. It is so much fun to learn about different films and plan the movies. 

    I have been going to the library since I was three. Every Friday my nana and I would go and read for a long time. Take your kids when they are young to start the love of books! As I grew older I could walk to the library and lug home a backpack full of books. I would bring home my sacred books that opened up endless possibilities of adventures. I loved putting all my books out and wondering which one I should read first. 

    Everyone would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older. I always said librarian. Three people that worked at the library and still do, made me want to do the same job as them. These are my three-year-old idols!

     Miss Jo is the most genuine person that I have ever met. I met her when I was three and my first impression was that she radiated love. 

     Jenisa is a beautiful dedicated woman. She has always had a young spirit, as a little girl who loved pink, purple and glitter it amazed me that an adult would wear the same things!

     LeAnn is the best, she is so sweet and kind to everyone, she has taught me that no one is below being loved.

     The people who work at the library are the reason I was always drawn to the job and for the ones that work here now- I love and respect you just as much! 

   We are never bored and have a ton of programs for people of all ages. If we don’t have a program for you, then we will create it!

        As for me, I truly think that the best part of working at the library is trying to be an example for the younger kids like myself. I think about all the people who have worked at the library and how much they have taught me in my life. It is an absolute honor to be a part of that. 

       I invite you to be a part of the experience of being part of the library, because we want you to experience having a family. To have the comfort of being within people who care about you. Because the people that surround the books are what makes the library a real family.